Minggu, 04 November 2018

Sustainable Development Goals

Quality Education

Sustainable Development Goals is a plan that being agreed by leaders from 193 countries of the world to face the problem that might come in the future.
We choose the quality education topic because we have read from some news that in the range of 2020-2030, according to various researches and statistics, Indonesia will get benefit from a growth of productive age of 70% when compared to non-productive age. This means that Indonesia will face demography bonus.
So, the demography bonus will give good and bad effects for Indonesia. Let’s focus on the good effects. The good effect that we can get from demography bonus is Indonesia can change its position from developing country to developed country. That only will happen if we can increase the quality of human resources. We can do that by doing quality education.
To ensure quality education, we all have to take action. Some action that we can do are facilitating kids from the poorest households and disable kids to get education.
The benefit that we can get from quality education is getting better grade for all kids and achieving primary and secondary education, affordable vocational training, and getting easier access to higher education that will make the Indonesian human resources increased and that can change Indonesias position from developing country to developed country like we hoped for.

Note :
·      Passive voice
·      Active voice

Sabtu, 08 September 2018

Analyze Invitation Letter

1.  Purpose
The purpose of this invitation letter is to invite a friend to join her / him at the 2008 Human Rights Campaign New England 27th Annual Dinner and Auction.

2.  Salutation or Greeting
Dear Friends

3.  Contain
2008 Human Rights Campaign New England 27th Annual Dinner and Auction.

4.  Date, Time, and Place
Date           : Saturday, 25th of October 2008
Time           : 06.00 PM.
Place         : Sheraton Boston, Dalton Street, Boston’s Back Bay

5.  Signature

6.  Kind of Invitation
Informal invitation

Selasa, 28 Agustus 2018

Invitation Letter

Student Council
JL. Melati No. 5 District Bunga Phone. (022)7335843 Fax. (022) 3254312
August 28th, 2018

Student Council of SMA Mawar
Dito Firmansyah
JL. Mawar No 34 District Bunga

Subject : An Invitation for A School Event

Dear Dito

We would like to inform you that our school is going to celebrate its 40th anniversary this Friday. In honor to celebrate it, we are going to hold a school event that contain sport competitions like football competition, basketball competition, volleyball competition. This competition will be held on 31st of August 2018 at 03.00 PM until 2nd of September 2018.  There would be some prizes for the first until the third winners. The first winner will get 1.000.000,00. The second winner will get 750.000,00. And the last will get 500.000,00.

Your school are requested to attend the competition on the 31st of August 2018. Your arrival constitute as a great honor for us. Please confirm us about your arrival before 29th of August 2018.

Thank you for your time. For further informations, please contact


Sekar Ariane M.

Jumat, 17 Agustus 2018

Analyze Debate

Motion: TH Will Ban All Pornography

Opening Government
They agree with the motion because if we watch pornography more often, then we will want to do more. Also watching pornography more often will decrease our intelligent. The scientist said that the addiction to pornography is more than drugs.

Opening Opposition
They disagree with the motion because everybody has freedom for sexual rights that should be done when you’re mature. The positive way of pornography content is it can be use as sexual education.

Speaker Two Government
Sexual education can be accepted naturally and we have to learn it in the right way. Freedom has limit. If you do it, it’s like you’re hurting your future wife. When you grow up, your emotion will be unstable and that will affect you when you’re watching porn.

Speaker Two Opposition
Porn didn’t have decrease aggressive tense. Porn can be use as sexual education. If we ban it, everyone will increase stress and satisfy self and better than actually do it.

Speaker Three Government
Sexual education is different with porn content. Porn content usually opened by children which will be bad for their minds and thoughts.

Speaker Three Opposition
One of the largest in the world. If we ban pornography, people will lose their jobs that works in the website. Porn could make so much money. And if they lose their jobs, they will have a hard time to find another jobs.

Speaker Four Government
We can take another job in better way. We have to get sexual education in the right way.

Speaker Four Opposition
If we ban all pornography, then people who like to watch it will find another way to watch it again. Some kind of black market will appear. We have to control ourselves.

Winner           :
The government team

Reason         :
Because I think what the government team said was true. Pornography content can be opened by all ages. If children watch porn, it can give bad effect for them. It can decrease their intelligent and will give bad impact for their minds. Also like what the government team said, if they watch it more often, they want to do more. Pornography content can be one of the reason why sexual crime in this world still happening. And also I agree that porn content can’t be use as sexual education. If we want to have sexual education, we have to learn it in the right way.

Senin, 13 Agustus 2018

Analyze Offers and Suggestions

Analyze Video of Offers and Suggestions

1. Analyze the Performance in the Video
  • The audio is not really clear
  • They looked awkward while speaking to each other in the video
  • The expressions didn't really match with what they said
2. Analyze the Conversation in the Video
  • There were two suggestion expressions that used in the dialogue. 
(1) What if you discuss it first with your mom?
(2) What if you try to explain your passion and potential?
  • Nafisa gave a good suggestion to Laila that made her had a little inspiration about faculty she should choose in College later.

Conversation of Choosing Student Immersion

Choosing Student Immersion

     Sekar and Faradila meet each other on their way to the classroom. But, before go to class, they started some conversation first.
Sekar             : “Hallo Faradila! How are you?”
Faradila         : “Hallo Sekar. I’m fine. How about you?”
Sekar             : ”I’m good. Thank you for asking.”
Faradila         : “By the way, soon our school will have a student immersion. I’ve
never been to Bali before. So, what if our immersion is to Bali?”
Sekar             : “Well, actually I have never been to Bali too, but if we have a student
immersion to Bali it will take many cost. What if we go to Yogyakarta?”
Faradila         : “Well, I don’t know. I think almost all of the students already had
student immersion to Yogyakarta in their Junior High School. And
aren’t we just gonna have the same destinations places in Yogyakarta
as usual?”
Sekar             : “Yeah true. Usually school always have the same destination in
Yogyakarta, like Prambanan Temple, Borobudur Temple, Keraton,
and of course Malioboro, right? I wonder if there is any place in
Indonesia that wouldn’t cost much money and not mainstream.”
Faradila         : ”Actually, I just spent my last holiday in Lampung to visit my
grandmother’s family. I went to many destinations and it didn’t cost
much money.”
Sekar             : “Really? I’ve heard about Way Kambas National Park there. They
said that we can see some endangered sumatrans animals there.”
Faradila         : “Yes, the most famous animal in Way Kambas National Park is the
Sumatrans Elephants. I also visited other destinations, like Mutun
Beach, Tangkil Island, Siger Tower, and Krakatau Museum.”
Sekar             : “Yeah, I’ve heard about the Krakatau Museum a lot. Can you explain
about those destinations?”
Faradila         : “Well, Mutun Beach and Tangkil Island have really beautiful view. It
has waterboom in the middle of the sea and some watersport
facilities. It is also the one and only a beach with parasailing facility in
Lampung. While the Siger Tower is the zero point in Southern
Sumatra. The scenery is very beautiful from that tower. Not just that,
Siger Tower also become the identity of Lampung as South Gate
Province. Now, they use it as the cultural and regional center in
Sekar              : “How interesting. What if we try to give our opinion about those
destinations in Lampung for our student immersion?”
Faradila         : “Yes, sounds good. What if we talk about this to the committee?”
Sekar             : “No. What if we do more research and talk about this to our
classmates first?”
Faradila         : “I completely agree. Let’s talk about this later.”
Sekar             : “Yeah, because we have to go to our own class now. Goodbye!”
Faradila         : “See you!”