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My Presentation About Tourist Destination


One of the tourist destinations that not many people know is Makassar. This island is as interesting and beautiful as Bali, Lombok, and Yogyakarta.

Makassar Province is the capital city of South Sulawesi. Makassar is the biggest city out of Java Island after Medan.

Makassar has beautiful view. There are so many interesting places in Makassar to visit, like Fort Rotterdam, Losari Beach, and Amirul Mukminin Mosque. Those places are not really far from one and another, so it won’t take long time to go from one place to the other places.

Fort Rotterdam is located in the edge of the beach. It was belonged to Gowa-Tallo Kingdom. The real name of this fort was Benteng Ujung Pandang. This fort  had a shape like a tortoise that wanted to go to the ocean. This symbolized that Gowa-Tallo Kingdom had glory in both mainland and ocean, just like tortoise that could live in both mainland and ocean. Then, this fort was taken by Belanda colonial and they used it to keep spices from East Indonesia. Cornelis Speelman changed the name of this fort into Fort Rotterdam to remind him where he was born. Prince Diponegoro was held in prison at this fort. So, there was a statue of him in front of the fort.

Losari Beach is located in the west of Makassar city. You can find many small shops around this beach. These small shops sell many charasteristic foods like Pisang Epe, Sop Konro, and Coto Makassar. Because of that, Losari Beach was known as a beach with the longest table and small shops in the world. At this beach we can enjoy the beauty of sunset. This beach is really unique because it has free hotspot around it. So many teenager would really love to go to this beach. Also, this beach doesn’t have sand. It is prohibitten to swim in this beach because the water is really deep, but we can enjoy the beach by using boats.

Amirul Mukminin Mosque is the first floating mosque in Indonesia. This mosque is located beside Losari Beach. This mosque has three floor and has two unique blue domes. We can see the beauty of Losari Beach from the top of this mosque. Inside of this mosque is really cool although the AC is not in the ON condition.

Rabu, 11 Oktober 2017

Tourist Destination

Losari Beach and Monas

One of the tourist destinations in Sulawesi Island is Losari Beach. Losari Beach is the icon of Makassar City. It is located in Penghibur Street in the heart of Makassar City, South Sulawesi. Before known as Losari, resident called this beach as Fish Market. You can find many characteristic Makassar foods like pisang epek, coto makassar, conro soup, and palu butung. But now, those small shops had been relocated into nearby place. This step was taken by the local government so the beach will stay clean and comfortable.

We can enjoy the beauty of sunset and sunrise from this beach. While waiting for it, we can try various fresh sea foods, like lobster, calamari, stingray fish with affordable price. You can also use the internet facility while eating or waiting for sunset or sunrise. This beach is really unique because it doesn't have sand. Also it's prohibition to swim in this beach because the water is really deep. But we can still enjoy the beauty of this beach by using boats.

We don't have to pay any tickets to enter Losari Beach unless you have to pay for your vehicles.

Monas is one of the popular tourist destination. Monas is a National Monument in Jakarta. Monas is a tall white building with 132 meters with a big fire statue on top of it. The statue of fire symbolizes a spirit of soldiers who fought colonies for Indonesia. The fire statue can glow in the night, so it might more beautiful if we see it in the night.

Monas was created by R.M. Soedarsono and Frederich Silaban. It took 14 years to build it. Monas opens from 6 a.m until 10 p.m. Yo can enjoy some Dioramas and view from Jakarta from the top of the building. Dioramas are kind of miniature of some specific events (ex: war, Soekarno's speech etc). The ticket for entering Monas is only Rp 5.000,00.



Every year 3 Senior High School always hold some culture festival. This year, the name of the culture festival is “Gathapraya”. Gathapraya means hopes for the future. This culture festival was held at Saturday on the 30th of September 2017. First, we gathered in Saparua Field to do Nusantara parade at 08.00 to 11.45. We did the parade by passing Belitung street, Bali street, Sumatera street, and Kalimantan street. We wore kebaya and pangsi when we did the parade. Also from each classes, there was two delegations to wear Indonesian traditional costumes from many islands in Indonesia, one female and one male to participate in Fashion Show Competition. Delegation from our class had to wear Indonesia traditional costume from Java.

At about 11.45, the parade was over and we were already in Bali Field. We went to the mosque in 3 Senior High School to pray Dzuhur and got change. After that, we went back to Bali Field to start enjoying the festival.

To get into the Bali Field or the conser, we had to show the ticket from our phone and we had to give our bags to the committee so they could check if there was anything that’s not relevant.

In Bali Field, we enjoyed the show. There was so many stand, like Batik Stand, Traditional Costumes Stand, Gamelan Stand, Gerabah Stand, Photoboot, and many more. We also enjoyed the foods and drinks, like potatoes, Poci Tea, Takoyaki, Rice Box, and the other foods and drinks.

There was so many performances from many talented people, like Elevoice, Drizzling, MK3, LSS3, KV3, Band 3, and other performers. There was also many guest stars, like NIDJI, HiVi, Didik Nini Thowok, Vina Candrawati, and many more. NIDJI and HiVi were the guest stars that many people couldn’t wait to see, but they performed in the night as closing.

The festival was ended at about 22.00, but I returned to my home early because I felt tired. But I really enjoyed the festival that day. Hope the 3 Senior High School Culture Festival next year become more successful.

Kamis, 24 Agustus 2017

What We are Going to Do on Holiday

Plans In The Two Weekend Off School

Sekar     : "Hello, Faradila! How are you today?"
Faradila : "Hello Sekar! I'm good, but a little bit tired. How about you?"
Sekar     : "I'm fine. Thank you. By the way, I really am happy because we have this long holiday. I'm                  tired of those homeworks that we have everyday. Do you have any plans?"
Faradila : "I'm not sure. I don't have any idea yet. I think I might stay at home and being lazy."
Sekar     : "Are you sure? Don't you think it's wasting time?"
Faradila : "Yeah, I think you are right. Maybe I will go to Jepara with my aunt then. How about you?"
Sekar     : "Well I am going to New York with my family. We are planning to watch Broadway there."
Faradila : "That sounds like a very good plan. Do you mind if I join you?"
Sekar     : "Thank you. Well of course. We are planning to go to New York two days after tomorrow.                    Are you free that day?"
Faradila : "Thank you for letting me join you. Of course I am free."
Sekar     : "Yeay! I will tell my family soon. Goodbye!"
Faradila : "Goodbye!"

Kamis, 17 Agustus 2017

Grateful Moment

My Grateful Moment

It was eight years ago. My uncle asked me and my sister to go with him to Solo, Center Java. We went there by car in the morning. My mom and my dad din't accompany us that day. So we really went there only with our uncle. We really enjoyed the view so we didn't realize that we already in Solo. First, we went to our uncle's office, and then we went to the carnival not so far from the office.

We were really happy that we can really go to the carnival that day. There was so many interesting rides in the carnival, such as Roller Coaster, Balloon Race, Bumper Boats, Bumper Cars, Carousel, and so many more.

We decided to go to roller coaster for kids first. We waited for like five minutes because the carnival was crowded. After Roller Coaster, we went to the Bumper Cars. I sat with my sister in the same car, and my uncle sat in the other car. We hit each other's cars. We had so much fun that day.

I felt really hungry so my uncle brought me and my sister to the food sections. My sister said that she really wanted to see the magician, but I haven't finished my food. So my uncle told her to wait for a while.

After a couple minutes, my uncle realized that my sister was not there with us anymore. My uncle took me to the magician to find my sister there. But she was not there! My uncle started to worry and panic. He looked everywhere for her. But he still can't found her.

After a while, I started to cry and made my uncle more panic. Then, we heard there was a call that said "For those who lost her daughter, with brown eyes, long brown hair, and wear a Spongebob shirt, please come to the information center". It was my sister's identify! My uncle felt more calm now and took me to the information center quickly. Thank god! That little girl was really my sister. My uncle asked my sister what just happened. My sister said that she really went to the magician, but then she realized that she lost her way. Then, there was a lady who found her. She took her to the information center and waited with her until her family come. My uncle wanted to say thanks to the lady, so he asked my sister where is that lady now. My sister pointed her finger to the beautiful lady. My uncle said thank you to the lady.

Who taught that the lady that found my sister is now my aunt.

Kamis, 10 Agustus 2017

Conversation Of First Meeting In School

Rules in English Class:
1. Be punctual
2. No food or beverage
3. No cheating or copypaste
4. Don't turn on the computer before allowed.
5. Don't open another website, except Quipper, Generation Global, and Blogger.

Sekar and Faza meet for the first time in the canteen. Sekar thinks that she has met Faza before.

Sekar  : "I'm sorry, do we know each other?"
Faza    : "Hmm... I think I have seen you before."
Sekar  : "Right! I am Sekar. What's your name?"
Faza    : "My name is Faza. Were you a student of Istiqomah Elementary School? Because I think I have seen you there."
Sekar  : "No, I wasn't. I think we've met in a course or something."
Faza    : "Well, I was in Tridaya Course."
Sekar  : "And that's where we met! I was in Tridaya Course too."
Faza    : "Ohh... I never expect that we are going in the same school now!"
Sekar  : "Me too. It's really nice to see you again!"
Faza    : "Nice to see you too. What group are you in? I'm in the 8th group."
Sekar  : "Hmm... Too bad! We're not in the same group. I'm in the 9th group."
Faza    : "Well, hope we're in the same class then."
Sekar  : "Yes, see you around!"
Faza    : "Ok. Goodbye!"

Kamis, 03 Agustus 2017

It's All About Me

It's All About Me

Hello, my name is Sekar Ariane Maharani. I was born in Bandung, Indonesia on the 31st of May 2002. I live in Bandung, in Kiara Asri Utara Street No. 33. I live with my mother, my father, and my sister. My grandmother is my neighbor, so we can see her all the time. My grandfather died when I was in the 5th grade.

I'm 15 years old. I was a student in SMP Negeri 30 Bandung, but now I am a student in SMA Negeri 3 Bandung. My favorite subject is Math. I have long brown hair and dark brown eyes. I have pointed nose. My favorite colours are purple and blue. I like eating noodle, but it's not healthy. So my mom only gives me noodle every Saturday.

I have a lot of hobbies, like singing, listening musics, and watching TV. My favorite singers are Samantha Barks, Idina Menzel, Rachel Tucker, Demi Lovato, and Sabrina Carpenter. Most of my favorite singers played on stage like Broadway and West End. So, I hope that one day I can go to New York to watch Broadway. I really want to watch Wicked and Les Miserables. I like musical songs so much but not really much people in Indonesia know about it. I feel really sad about it, but everyone's interests are different.

My dream university is ITB or maybe Cambridge University. After graduation, I hope that I can find a job that I like, which I still don't know yet.

So, that's all I can say. Goodbye!